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Diploma in Pre-School Management

A Pre-School is a crucial set-up where very young children get introduced to outer world after stepping out of exclusive home environment. Setting-up and successful running of a Pre-School Centre needs a great deal of managerial skill and knowledge. The arrangement and management of such a centre is sophisticated in nature unlike the arrangement for grown up students. Thorough understanding of modern pre-school management and in-depth knowledge of contemporary concepts lay the foundation for a high-quality Pre-school. There is no viable alternative available for individuals who aspire to set-up a Pre-school other than acquiring the said knowledge through various courses such as Diploma in Pre-school Management offered by Safal Teachers Training.

In the recent past the demand for Pre-school Centres has increased multifold across the country. It has opened a wide avenue for quality education and high return business. The demand would continue to increase due to following factors:

  • Surging family income and rising standard of living is leading parents spend more on giving quality education to their child. Further, with expansion of pre-school centres in Tier Il and Tier IIl cities and increasing franchise numbers in untapped areas, number of organized preschool/ child care centres is expected to significantly increase across the country in the coming years.
  • Awareness about importance of pre-school education among parents has increased considerably in the recent times. Students and parents are very keen to secure admissions in reputed schools. Therefore, parents are focused to provide high-quality age specific education to the pre-school children to make them ready for future competitions. This concept results into increase in pre-school admission rate.
  • In modern world both parents are working and stay in a nuclear family set-up. These parents desperately look for a high-quality pre-school centre to leave their young children under the guidance of trained teacher in an organised set-up.
  • Increasingly busy lifestyle of parents coupled with favourable government initiatives to support child education providing impetus for continuous expansion of preschool & child care market.
  • Pre-school business has been remarkably profitable to the entrepreneurs due to high returns with low investment, low-interest rates from banks and scope of expansion of business through franchise model.

"According to TechSci Research report, "India Preschool/Child Care Market By Facility, By Age Group, By Location, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2012–2022", preschool / child care market in India is forecast to grow at a CAGR of around 23% during 2017 - 2022. Factors like rising parent concerns and awareness about early childhood education and care, coupled with increasing number of nuclear families and working women population are expected to contribute to the growing demand for preschool/child care centers in the country over the course of next five years. Moreover, rapid urbanization has led to an increase in brand consciousness and penetration of many international preschools in the country. This has consequently resulted in the emergence of innovative and advanced infrastructure as well as quality education in the preschools across the country.”

Diploma in Pre-School Management course devised by Safal Teachers Training simplifies the management concepts and procedures for students to understand easily. It covers all aspects such as initial framework, financial planning/ budgeting, specific infrastructural requirements, Course Curriculum planning and Evaluation Methods, Classroom Management Strategy, Safety and Security needs to be considered for young children, principles and tools for Play-way concept, HR Management etc. Diploma in Pre-School Management enlightens an aspiring individual on all the above aspects, which are considered essential for setting-up and running a pre-school successfully. Any individual who aspires to set-up a Pre-School Centre needs to educate herself on the above said integral parts of Pre-school management. The course equips an entrepreneur with required guidance to venture into business in Pre-primary/Day care centre segment. It provides an effective scope to a teacher, head of the school, school administrator to hone their professional expertise with modern trend and latest concepts in pre-school teaching and management.

  • Entrepreneurs who wish to expand business further.
  • Prospective Entrepreneurs who wish to start their career.
  • Teaching Staff who wish to be efficient in pre-school’s day-to-day management.
  • Head of Schools who wish to run schools smoothly incorporating modern concepts.
  • Schools Administrators who wish to run schools efficiently.
  • Any individual aspiring to set-up or pursue a career in a Pre-school/Day care centre.

Successful trainees of Safal Teachers Training have many opportunities after completion of the course, such as -

  • Entrepreneurship in pre-primary sector.
  • Administrator in a pre-school, day-care set up or activity club.
  • Academic Co-ordinator in large educational institutes.
  • Educator with day-to-day management efficiency.
  • Introduction to the Pre-school/day care centre business
  • Steps in setting-up of pre-school/day care centre (registration & legal requirements)
  • Financial Planning/Budgeting
  • Ideal location for pre-school/day care centre
  • Infrastructural Considerations (building, ground, furniture & playing equipment, amenities etc.)
  • Curriculum development technique
  • Daily operations and strategies
  • HR Management (Hiring of teachers/staff, salary rates, Misc. Issues)
  • Dealing with competitors
  • Marketing
  • Costing of services rendered and analysis of return on investment
  • Common Mistakes to be avoided while setting-up a preschool / day care centre.

Timing and Batches

Flexibility is exercised to match the convenience of students, wherever feasible.

Course Duration 1 Year