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Nursery Teacher Training Program

Nursery Teaching is a highly specialized field which offers a rewarding career. The steady growth of Pre-school education has led to the growing demand for skilled and competent preschool teachers. Teaching young children now-a-days has become scientific and competitive. Teachers and caregivers need to undergo professional courses to acquire relevant knowledge to become competent to teach and deal with young children. The competency of a Nursery Teacher or caregiver plays vital role in shaping the young minds during developmental period and makes a significant difference in their future lives.

Nursery Education is very important to ensure future academic and social development of every child. It is an investment for future which brings prosperity to the family, society and the country. However, a weak foundation can jeopardise the career and productivity of people and society. Unlike earlier days, teachers and caregivers for Nursery segment needs to have required skills in addition to basic academic qualification. Holistic development of children depends largely on quality of trained teachers/caregivers. NTT Course is one such course which is essential for every aspiring teacher or caregiver to be equipped with required skills. Therefore, NTT course from a quality institute like Safal Teachers Training is considered inevitably essential to start a career as NTT teacher or caregiver.

The said certificate course, as devised by Safal Teachers Training, enlightens trainee teachers/aspiring caregivers with various aspects such as characteristics of development of children, curriculum planning, lesson and activity planning etc. Trainee teachers/caregivers learn the methods of teaching through different games and activities in a planned manner. Safal Teachers Training has modern curriculum, prepared by experts in this field, which comprises theory and practical sessions. The trainee teachers/caregivers become competent to impart holistic guidance to the young children and lead them towards bright path of future education. Trainee teachers passed out from Safal Teachers Training are working at various reputed institutions and centres with optimal productivity to the concerned organisation, contribution to the society and individual satisfaction.

There exists very high demand for trained teachers/caregivers having NTT qualification. Many existing and upcoming Nursery Schools, Day Care Centres, Play Schools, charitable organisations and various NGOs are looking for trained teachers for Nursery sections. The career of a NTT qualified individual unfurls as pre-school teacher, Nursery teacher, early caregiver etc.

  • Teachers, aspiring Teachers who wish to have rewarding career in pre-primary segment.
  • A child minder/guardian who wishes to impart appropriate education to their child during early years.
  • Centre Co-ordinator for play-school, day-care, Play groups etc.
  • Aspiring Trainer, Curriculum planners, Course Co-ordinators in any training establishment.
  • Entrepreneur/prospective Entrepreneur who wish to excel in pre-school sector business.
  • Teacher, counsellor, librarian, education developer at any pre-primary school or day-care centre
  • Teacher cum co-ordinator in a play school or play & games library
  • Academic Co-ordinator for large educational institutes
  • Trainer for other aspiring teacher in any training institute
  • Programme and activity planner for young children
  • Crèche Coordinator
  • Centre Coordinator in NGOs, Charitable organisations.
  • Home Tutor in private set up.
  • Lastly, Entrepreneurship with unlimited scope in pre-primary sector.
  • Introduction to Developmental Stages of a Child
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Lesson and Activity Planning
  • Teaching Aids
  • Creative Journal

Timing and Batches

Flexibility is exercised to match the convenience of students, wherever feasible.

Course Duration 6 Months