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We envision STT continue scaling greater heights, nationally and internationally, with incremental eminence in imparting comprehensive training to the students to mould them to tomorrow’s teachers to build dynamic society.


As an inspiring Training Institute our Mission is

  • To contribute in building society by producing proficient teachers at various fields of education.
  • To train our students to become the pathfinder as a teacher for every child.
  • To provide strong academic foundation, research based knowledge and applied skills in order to mould every aspiring woman into a committed and value-laden teacher.
  • To promote a student-centric training system in a mutually cohesive and pleasant atmosphere to ensure every student acquires adequate knowledge, skills and core values necessary to enrich the society and succeed as a competent teacher.
  • To reach out to as many aspiring women as possible, nationally and internationally, to bring them on the common platform of this premiere training institution to make them realize their full potential for world’s most respectful career.

We Believe

  • Each student is unique with different strength, interest and learning pattern.
  • Learning is a continuous process. To remain productive and relevant with ever changing world, a student needs to be nurtured to be a lifelong learner.
  • Our curriculums support students to realize their highest potential. It equips them with required knowledge and skill to become a competent and responsible teacher.
  • Our educators are effective and efficient in imbibing value-based education and problem solving skills among students rather mere supplier of information.
  • In our institute, training is not only preparation for job hunting but it israther a way of life.

We Value

  • Concept of team building among students, our faculty members and staff.
  • Necessity of individual attention to each student for her overall growth and attainment of competency.
  • Delivery of value-based comprehensive education comprising theory, practical learning, experimental understanding, skill development and personal grooming.
  • Tolerance and respect to the diversity of culture and religion.
  • Contribution of our students as responsible citizens of the world community in building better society.

Our Standards

STT has been consistently maintaining high standards of training in tandem with global developments in the field of teachers’ training. It has been our perpetual endeavour to enhance the quality of teachers training and thereby promoting the national and global standards. As testimony of the institute’s commitment to excellence, STT has been declared as an ISO certified training establishment. The institute is committed to continue with high quality training programmes as it’s first and foremost priority. The outcome of our ‘no compromise with standards’ principle is evident in placement and performance records of learners passed out from this institute and the rapid expansion of our footprint at national and international arena.