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Grammar Teacher Training Program

Grammar can be defined as collection of structural rules that guides formation of clauses, phrases, words and sentences in any language. It is also known as systematic study and description of a language that helps understanding the process of making sentence using words and their component parts.

Grammar is considered as foundation for clear and effective communication. Because of use of incorrect grammar the meaning and clarity of an intended message can get completely changed. If a message is formed using correct grammar the message becomes easy to understand. Therefore, every individual needs to have sound grammatical knowledge in order to communicate well. Ability to express one’s idea is very important, however, the expression has to be in a manner that others understand it easily. Higher level of communication skills requires a high degree of grammatical knowledge. There are people who consider grammar as a matter of errors and correctness of a language. However, it is not limited to errors and correctness only; it is actually structural foundation of ability to express oneself.

  • Grammar is considered the base of English language. By learning grammar learners understands the mechanics of English language and becomes capable of express and explain things accurately.
  • Correct application of grammar in writing and speaking creates credibility factor for the speaker, her concepts and her organisation. A great part of reputation of an individual and institute depends upon the clarity of message it intends to deliver and the effectiveness of the message depends solely on correct use of grammar.
  • Logical thinking and clarity in thoughts of a learner improves with good knowledge of grammar and its correct application.
  • With good knowledge of grammar, misunderstanding and negative impression can be avoided while expressing ideas.
  • Fluency and proficiency in English improve with higher level of knowledge of grammar. A learner becomes adept in organising and expressing ideas without difficulty and without taking much time. Resultantly speaking, reading and writing capability becomes faster. Knowledge of grammar enables an individual to understand the meaning of a conveyed message. As a result he/she is capable to respond befittingly.
  • The more knowledge on grammar is acquired the more one becomes competent to understand and use language as required.

The Grammar Teacher Training course is a certificate course. Safal Teachers Training aims at making student capable of expressing, explaining and teaching in a correct and easy way by imparting this course. The curriculum of the aforesaid course has been designed with consideration of elements such as effective communication skill, employability competence, proficiency in English language and business opportunity. Safal Teachers Training understands that knowledge of correct Grammar is very crucial for every aspiring teachers/teachers and entrepreneurs so as to do well in their respective career/profession. Grammatical errors, such as a single misplaced comma can completely change the meaning and purpose of a message intended to convey. Therefore, Safal Teachers Training ensured that the curriculum planner and the faculties for Grammar Teacher Training programme are none other than the experts. Improper training to any aspiring teacher will consequently lead to wrong teaching to the children and thereby ruining their future. Therefore, the curriculum has been devised with an array of topics required for acquiring good knowledge on English Grammar.

  • Aspiring teachers who wish to start a career.
  • Teachers who wish to improve knowledge of English Language.
  • Tutors who wish to give tuition to children on English Grammar.
  • Entrepreneur in pre-primary segment.
  • Mother who wishes to teach her child English Language well.

A successful candidate, after completion of the course from Safal Teachers Training, becomes eligible for many satisfying careers as mentioned below.

  • A competent and certified English Grammar teacher in any of the schools.
  • An entrepreneur running own English Grammar classes for children.
  • An English Grammar trainer to train prospective teachers/teachers.
  • An English Grammar curriculum planner.
  • A Tutor who conducts English Grammar classes.
  • Basics of English Grammar
  • Parts of Speech
  • Verb, Tense (Regular & Irregular)
  • Alphabetical Order.
  • Short & Long Vowels
  • Comparatives & Superlatives
  • Prefixes & Suffixes
  • Sentence Structure
  • Parsing
  • Punctuation, Questions, Synonyms etc.
  • Proof Reading
  • Using a Thesaurus
  • Silent letters

Timing and Batches

Flexibility is exercised to match the convenience of students, wherever feasible.

Course Duration 10 Hours