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Phonics Teacher Training Program

Phonics Training is a multi-sensory education aimed at acquiring knowledge and skill about the sounds made by individual letter or letter groups and way of merging separate sounds together to make it one word in a language. Childhood is the initial period when a child undergoes language learning. Teaching language correctly during this developing stage is very crucial. Children who have not been taught language appropriately find it difficult to read, write and spell. Phonics helps children to decode letters into their respective sounds. This is particularly required to enable children to read unfamiliar words fluently at their own.

Phonics Teaching is Essential for growing children as it teaches them the following:

  • How to make out words on their own while reading.
  • How to read correctly at early age.
  • How to develop vocabulary.
  • How to make letter formation.
  • How to spell words without memorising them.
  • How to think and write English language creatively.

Phonics Training Course, introduced by Safal Teachers Training as a certificate course, equips teacher with required skills and knowledge to introduce it among children at the very early stage of learning. Although it is important for children to learn phonics, however, it is more important that a teacher is capable of teach children in a fun-filled way which is enjoyable. The Phonics training teaches various approaches, tricks and strategies to the trainee teacher to enable her to get the students learn it without much hardship. Teachers learn how to introduce Phonics through various phonological activities in order to ensure literacy development of children. The phonics training at Safal Teachers Training unlocks every teacher’s potential to achieve greater success in the classroom while teaching English language to the children.

  • Aspiring lady teachers who wish to start a career.
  • Lady Teachers who wish to improve knowledge of Phonics.
  • Lady Tutors who wish to give tuition to children on Phonics
  • Woman entrepreneur in pre-primary segment.
  • Mother who wishes to equip her child with skill in English Language.

A successful candidate after completion of the course from Safal Teachers Training becomes eligible for many satisfying careers as mentioned below.

  • A competent and certified phonics teacher in any of the schools
  • An entrepreneur running own phonics training classes for children
  • A remedial teacher in schools for specially able children
  • A phonics trainer to train prospective teachers/teachers
  • A phonics curriculum planner
  • A mother who imparts knowledge of phonics to her children

The demand for quality Phonics teacher in pre-primary and primary sections has been consistently high. The same only increases with experience over the time.

As an entrepreneur the range is in your own hands. You can have sky as your limit for expansion. You can start your venture with as small as Phonics Classes and then expand to run schools and earn as you desire.

The course is taught through a range of fun, multi-sensory activities by our highly experienced teachers; it includes:

  • Learning 42 letter sounds of 26 Alphabets
  • Learning letter formation
  • Blending sounds to form words and read them.
  • Identifying letters that correspond to sounds to the words spoken
  • Identifying tricky words
  • Vowels (a, e, i, o, u)

Timing and Batches

Flexibility is exercised to match the convenience of students, wherever feasible.

Course Duration 10 Hours