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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Safal Teachers’ Training (STT) produces quality teachers as its primary responsibility, however, the institute also realises that moulding an aspiring student into a competent teacher is the beginning of a long journey. The subsequent obligation of STT towards the teachers’ community, teaching organisations and learners is facilitating maintenance of competence level of teachers as life-long process. We understand that today’s proficient and highly knowledgeable teachers will not be able to remain proficient in future, especially, in contrast to rapid development at education sector coupled with innovative technological aids, advanced organisational management and increased inquisitiveness of future learners. In order to remain competent and capable of delivering expected output, teachers need to undergo continuous professional development throughout their career or life. STT, being committed to larger society, shoulders the responsibility of providing an avenue to all teachers for their life-long Professional Development, on continuous basis, through strategically designed professional courses.

It stands for Continuing Professional Development, a worldwide phenomenon in all professional fields for ages. To elaborate, it is a specifically designed set of activities aimed at continuous enhancement of professional acumen of teachers and other associated functionaries with an objective to keep them competent at required level throughout their professional life.

It is an imperative tool for teachers and all professionals as it has direct and positive impact on the core factors of competence level of an individual. Some of the significant benefits are as follows:

  • It improves professional knowledge and applied skills.
  • It keeps professionals abreast with new concepts, methodologies, practical implementation and delivery procedures.
  • It improves thought process and gives way for innovative experiments.
  • It ensures suitability of a teacher to the contemporary education system always.
  • It helps teachers to grow continuously as professionals.
  • It influences positive outcome of a teacher not only at work place but in every sphere of life.
  • It has beneficial impact on learners, educational institutes and society at large.

Safal Teachers’ Training (STT) recognises the fact that ‘an education system is as good as its teachers’. Therefore, it provides widespread opportunity to all teachers to undertake Continuous Professional Development. Some of the salient features of opportunity offered by STT are as enumerated below:

  • Comprehensive and contemporary set of activities logically designed as curriculum.
  • Continuous incorporation of newer development in the field of Education.
  • Quality opportunity offered at realistic cost.
  • STT facilitates professional as well as personal growth of teachers.
  • CPD at STT also has positive influence on learners’ outcome and organisational efficacy.
  • Quality, flexibility and reliability of Safal Teachers’ Institute.

Timing and Batches

Flexibility is exercised to match the convenience of students, wherever feasible.

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