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Our Journey

Safal Teachers’ Training (STT) started its humble beginning in the year 2008 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It stepped into the field of building society by producing competent teachers to mould children to future responsible citizen. The central idea which laid the foundation of the STT was ‘Women Empowerment through Education’. The idea of an institution for the women, of the women and by the women was conceived and subsequently it emerged with its initial services from Andheri, Mumbai, India. The said centre subsequently metamorphosed into Head Office for the present day STT, an international entity.

The journey of a single node training institute to an international entity has all the elements to instil a sense of identity and purpose to every student of this institute. We have grown into one of India’s leading teachers’ training institutions providing academic excellence to learners to pursue a career in the field of education and society building. A team of dedicated trainers from Safal Teachers’ Training, who are expert in leading learners towards the brilliance of qualitative learning, has been playing the pivotal role in providing high-quality training. In addition to our consistent expansion in various states of India, we have also ventured into international boundaries by establishing branches at Middle East.


We contribute by producing quality teachers, who never retire in true sense. We earnestly empower our learners in realizing their potential to become a competent teacher through modern, dynamic and student-centric learning programmes. The curriculums have been designed to offer every student ample opportunities to gain knowledge, develop teaching skills, hone creative thinking ability and improve value based attitude towards serving the society with positive contributions. Our broad-based curriculums give adequate exposure of indigenous and global perspectives in line with continuous development in the field of education. We inculcate value based attitude in our students by assimilating integrity and ethics into all aspects of our functioning. Our students learn that success is entitled to those who work hard and it stays with those who do not rest on the glory of past. This principle of success resonates in the mind of students through our institution’s slogan ‘Stay SAFAL, Stay Successful’


STT, an idea which was conceptualized and rolled out in 2008 as a single node institute, has been growing from strength to strength. In short span of a decade, the institute rapidly extended its presence in 07 states with more than 50 outlets to reach out the students aspire to be future teacher. More than 15,000 students have undergone various learning programmes at STT and remoulded themselves to a proficient teacher. The contributions of these alumnae at various layers of community have been playing the role of catalyst towards betterment of society. We have grown to a noticeable level in national and international arena through multiple branches at various states in India and abroad. The growth continues further with rolling of time further.

Forward Look

STT has been marching ahead with its holistic training programmes since its inception with single objective of producing high quality teachers/professionals. The institute aspires to be one of the premier global educational training institutes by introducing innovative programmes and adapting to the changes in the educational training scenario world over. In attaining this objective our strength is our standard of training and commitment. We are working on opening of branches/ outlets in every location of India where students aspire to join our courses. We also have channelized efforts to expand our presence in the Middle East countries further.


STT has a cohesive and well-knitted management team comprising more than 100 professionals at various relevant fields. The collective expertise, experience and enthusiasm of the said professionals have been playing the central role in scaling heights of excellence.