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Safal Placements Support

The ultimate objective of acquiring knowledge and skill is to emerge as a meaningfully productive and useful person to the society. Therefore, on completion of courses in various streams, we facilitate our students in achieving right kind of placement where they can appreciate their potential fully and thereby become economically and socially productive. We have been providing 100% placement support to our students/candidates for the last 10 years, completely free of cost.


We give equal importance to delivery of our training programmes as well as placement. We follow a structured procedure to get our students ready to bag their rightful place in highly competitive modern education industry.

  • Initial Assessment: During last semester of all our courses we assess students to identify strength and weakness against modern parameters for employment by using scientific tools. We prepare profile of students and start working on it together
  • Technical Support: On the basis of assessment report, our technical team provides technical support for the areas need improvement. Our R & D team developed an in-house technical support package as part of preparation for placement
  • Job Oriented Attitude and Aptitude: Our expert counsellors provide guidance to students to create right kind of attitude and aptitude. We also undertake personal grooming
  • Soft Skills: A high level of soft skills is considered as one of the essential parameters for any job in modern world. We train our students to enhance soft skills.
  • Interview Technique: Success in an interview needs a strategy and technique to execute the devised strategy. Our experts assist students in making strategies and equip them with newer techniques. Simulative interview sessions are conducted for students to facilitate further honing of their knowledge, skills and endurance level.
  • Employers Meet: We invite prospective employers to assess overall quality of our training programmes and suitability of our students as their future staff.
  • Campus Selection: We arrange campus selection drive by reputed educational institute/placement agencies. A large number of students get selected through Campus Selection.
  • Organising Interview: We organise and facilitate real time interviews with reputed institutions for placement of our students. We also facilitate voice/video conferencing as first stage of interview, where acceptable.
  • Performance Tracking: We keep a track of performance of our students in interview. Additional support is rendered to the students to overcome challenges during interview.
  • Job Market Intelligence and Analysis: We undertake job market intelligence gathering, analyse trend and contemporary data to support our students in ever changing job market.
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Students Achieved Placement at Their Preferred Location / Institute
  • Resume Developing: A Resume is considered as the face of an interviewee. Aptly designed Resume with appropriate reflection of relevant aspects of a candidate makes her selection most probable. We train our students in developing their Resume appropriately.
  • Professional Changeover Service: Safal Teachers Training provides professional changeover services to practicing teachers who aspire to switch to higher level. Our career experts prepare individual strategy for every such working professional to ensure smooth changeover. Our market networking in education industry provides ample opportunity to such aspiring candidates.
  • Placement Services for Experienced Candidates: We also provide placement support to the candidates who are relatively old but possess higher level of experience, knowledge and skills.
  • Placement Networking: We maintain a very large placement Network. Our team operates directly with employers as well as indirectly through other placement agencies. We maintain region-wise placement networks to make it more convenient and preferred for our students/candidates of respective region.
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